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Climate Change

Innovative Carbon Reductions at Darwin LNG

Advancing STEM education in Texas

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Data-driven aspirations

ConocoPhillips partners with four universities to develop tomorrow’s data-savvy workforce

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Sounds from the subsurface

How music is fostering collaboration and inclusion at ConocoPhillips


St. Andrews Prize for the Environment

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment is a joint environmental initiative by the University of St Andrews and ConocoPhillips.

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Discipline and dedication: Security director earns martial arts black belt

Luis Morales


Using Offsets for Conservation and Preservation

In Australia, ConocoPhillips adopted an offset plan to protect the area’s unique ecology and heritage for future generations.

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ConocoPhillips Norway: Helping new residents find their way

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Operations Technician Jess Slavin recognised for her commitment to SPIRIT values

Jessica Slavin is an Operations Technician, mother of two and a recent recipient of a workplace recognition award for personal dedication in the workplace.

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Training & Internship Program provides in-depth industry insight for Timor-Leste graduates

The 14 participants of the Timor-Leste Foundational Skills Training and Internship Program recently enjoyed a tour around our Darwin LNG (DLNG) facilities.